Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Value of Employee Recognition

In great workplaces, employees know that their work is valued, and valuable.
How do they know they are valued?
Through "thank you's" to employees, co-workers and leaders.
In successful organizations the role appreciation & praise play in helping to create a team of loyal employees  is understood, and the practice of saying thank you is often used.
A sincere "thank you" let the recipient know they are appreciated and acknowledges their contribution.
Companies that say "thank you' to their employees enhance said employees commitment to the company's success.
Employees are proven to be more loyal to an appreciative boss and/or company that praises good performances.
It seems saying "thank you" is even more important in retaining people than paying them more money - and a pat on the back

At the end of the day, remembering to say thank you helps make your organization a much more rewarding place in which to work.
Given the number of hours we spend at the office, who wouldn't support that?

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