Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Gift of Forgiveness

We forgive not because the other person necessarily deserves it, but because we do not want to carry that load around until we die. 
Anger, hate, and jealousy will make you old, resentful and ugly, inside and out. 
The question is, how much do you love and respect yourself? 
Is it enough to give yourself the gift of forgiveness? I hope so. 
After all what we think in our mind is what manifests in our lives! Well, when you have finally detached from  anger, resentment, and pain in your life your heart will feel as light as a feather. 
Not only that, but for the first time in your adult life you will be happy, truly happy, and your life will reflect the change back to you in every way.
• Forgive yourself for using people in your life to hurt yourself.
• Forgive yourself for not having clarity, for blaming others, and for not taking responsibility for your actions.
• Forgive yourself for wounding others and for the anger, jealousy, and hate you directed toward others.
• Forgive yourself for participating in situations that went against your integrity.
• Forgive yourself for not respecting yourself.
• Forgive yourself for not trusting yourself and having faith in your abilities.
• Forgive yourself for trying to control the people you love.
• And, of course, forgive yourself for not loving yourself 100% just the way you are!
For most people, giving ourselves the gift of forgiveness is very challenging.
 We judge everything that happens in life as good or bad, right or wrong. 
The truth is life just happens, and life is exactly as it is. As long as we are always judging others and life situations according to our point of view, we will never be able to have gratitude for the challenges and experiences life sends our way. 
No matter how enlightened a person you may be, things will always happen in life. People you love will die, relationships will come and go, the stock market will crash and rise, your car may be totaled but, if you have gratitude for life’s challenges, you will always be writing a beautiful happy story of your life!

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