Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 6 Components of a Happy Life


The route to happiness isn’t difficult. Happiness is not dependent on amassing a certain amount of fame or wealth; happiness is not dependent on reaching a certain social pecking order. If we are always striving after something bigger and better, happiness will remain elusive.

Happiness is found in the present moment, not some dreamed of golden future. We need to learn the art of being content with our current situation. Our current life may be far from perfect; but, if we can detach from negative situations and appreciate the value of simplicity happiness becomes easier to cultivate.
Live in the Heart

If we only live in the mind we look at every situation with our critical judgmental mind, as a consequence, we will inevitably find innumerable faults with the world and with other people. When we are constantly criticising others we can find neither peace nor happiness. However, if we live more in the heart we have a more tolerant, accepting attitude towards others. The heart’s qualities are acceptance and oneness. Children find it is easy to see happiness in the most ordinary situation because they are more in the heart. At times we need to distance the critical mind and take a simpler, childlike view of life.
Control Over Your Thoughts

When we feel like helpless victims of our own negative thought streams — how can we hope to be happy? To cultivate happiness we need to cultivate positive thoughts. This means stopping negative thoughts and replacing them with good, inspiring thoughts.

Avoiding negative thoughts requires practice. Meditation and concentration exercises can help us control our thoughts. But sometimes the best way to prevent negative thoughts is to concentrate on something positive. It’s your own thoughts that take you to heaven or hell, so be very careful with what is allowed into your mind.


If we show no appreciation for others and for life, we create a narcissistic outlook. We focus excessively on our sense of self and ego. When we offer gratitude for small things in life, it helps us feel a broader identity and awareness; our consciousness expands and we bring to the fore our own positive qualities.

Gratitude has tremendous power; if it is sincere and heartfelt it makes a big difference to our outlook on life. Gratitude helps bring to the fore a sincerely positive attitude to life.
Happiness is easily found in usefully serving others. Activity doesn’t mean filling up our lives with as many activities as possible — this only leads to a sense of self-importance and stress as we struggle to do several things at once. But, if we are calmly active we find a sense of purpose in life; this sense of purpose and satisfaction helps cultivate an inner sense of satisfaction.
Physical Exercise When you take regular exercise you will feel many benefits. Firstly, when we look after our body we are less prone to lethargy and illness. Through developing our fitness we gain an increased sense of self esteem; this is because we are taking active steps for our self improvement.

Increasing our fitness also enables an increased sense of mental well being; exercise helps rid the mind of many useless thoughts. It is important to have the right attitude to exercise, don’t think of school P.E. lessons in the cold rain; getting fit doesn’t have to be torture — you can easily find a sport or some exercise that is enjoyable and sociable.

Written by: Telvan Pettinger

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Give Thanks; the Importance of Appreciation & Gratitude

Sometimes we become so busy we forget the importance  of saying "you are appreciated", "I was just thinking of you" or just "Thank You" in both our professional and personal lives.

By acknowledging  someone's value, you show someone not feeling valued how much you  appreciate them.
Lack of acknowledgment can negatively impact any relationship and by the same token, any relationship can be improved when you acknowledge someone's efforts.
Saying "thank you","great dinner", or "I love the way you....." says I recognize your efforts, support encouragement.
Recognition, appreciation and gratitude can strengthen your relationships as well as offset arguments  & conflict.
Apply appreciation to all your relationships.
Show an employee that constantly exceeds your expectations or customer service rep that goes the extra distance to help solve a problem that you see their efforts. Take the opportunity to brighten someone's day while strengthening  your relationships with a "thank you" or "I appreciate you".
Not only does it make them feel good but you as well.
If you concentrate on finding good in every situation you will find that your life will be suddenly filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.
It doesn't take much to make someone feel valued!

By the way, gift baskets, careboxes and personalcarepaks are an excellent, cost effective way to do this, but a simple statement works as well!