Friday, January 13, 2012

Mistress Day, February 13th - The Holiday for Cheaters??

For restaurants and florists, the day before Valentine's Day is becoming just as popular as the actual holiday o' love. Why? Because February 13th is unofficially Mistress Day, the day when men pamper the women they're cheating with.
Yup, that's right.

Some restaurant owners have reported that men will make reservations for both February 13th
and February 14th, with the request that the staff pretend that the clever (albeit repetitive) cheater wasn't there two days in a row with different women.
As the NY Daily News says, "Most cheaters devote the day before Valentine's to keeping their mistresses happy, since waiting until the day after makes them seem like an afterthought." This quote is amazing, since a mistress is, in every sense of the word, an afterthought, but god forbid they feel neglected!

We here at Personally Packaged have issues with Valentine's Day for many reasons, mainly because it ends up making pretty much everyone, single or betrothed, feel not good enough.

It's like New Year's Eve for your heart, where you hope and pray that something terribly romantic will happen, but even when it does, it ends up feeling disingenuous. No matter
how hard you try, the result is usually eating somewhere weird, cursing your expectations, and swearing the holiday off completely.

Ladies and gents, if you're in a relationship and want to show your partner that you care, why wait for some randomly created holiday? Why not pick a day like January 29th, or
February 17th, or August 4th to be your own personal Valentine's Day? Buy some of the intoxicatingly irresistable pink and red accoutrement while it's on store shelves (maybe
even wait until February 15th so you can get it cheap!), and hide it away for a few weeks.

Then, when your partner least expects it, make it Valentine's Day! You can spend the actual holiday at home, doing whatever it is that you do when you are having a night in,
and enjoying yourselves. Love, to us, is about the small day-to-day things, not about big, shiny puffed-up gestures.

In our eyes, the only good that can come of Mistress Day is that you might get clued in to being the "other woman" if your boyfriend insists on making plans for February 13th.

Other than that, we're not fans. If a holiday intended for those in love has gotten so huge that it's now spawning sub-holidays for cheaters, it's officially time to jump ship.

Mistress sounds so much like mistrust for a reason, after all, how much faith can you have in someone who lives a lie daily, is knowingly deceptive and has so little self respect for themselves they are incapable of respecting others?

2nd class citizens, can you tell I'm married? lol

Happy Mistress Day!

At Personally Packaged-there should be no judgement but sorry, we don't do these!

So You'll Have to Have it Made, somewhere else-we stand on Principle!

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